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Imagine yourself in a world where gummy bears run wild, taking delight in the anticipation of being devoured, a land where video game and cartoon characters live and breathe, where superheroes soar the skies, and houses are not made of wood, brick, or mortar, but legos and cookies, where rivers of chocolate flow and burgers grow on trees, where pizza is picked fresh daily from lush fields...


That is not where I'm from. I was born in a border town called Laredo. I grew up on 50's and 60's vinyl, 80's pop blaring on a boombox, grunge on CD's, and embarrassing pop downloads on mp3. I learned vocal harmony from The Beach Boys, fear of flying from Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly, and how to rock from Elvis and The Beatles. I taught myself to play the guitar in 8th grade, and the rest is history. 


A Reen is me. Born Rene, called Reenie by family, Reen by friends, and The Reen by myself, because we all know that putting "The" before your name makes you like The Fonz. And what is Fonzie like, Yolanda? Cool. 


Get Reen'd.

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